Welcome to HappyLeague. A joyful international handball community of children and youngsters with cognitive disabilities. Founded in Denmark by former International Team player Rikke Nielsen, LykkeLiga (HappyLeague in danish) has spread across the country. Today, more than 1.200 players meet every week to play handball in more than 75 local teams across Denmark, Faroe Islands and Greenland. Most of them organized in ordinary handball clubs. 

The players disabilities is varying from downs syndrome over autism to children with unknown diagnosis. In HappyLeague we really don’t care about your diagnosis. If you feel at home in our handball teams – you are welcome. It is a ground rule of HappyLeague, that everyone should be able to participate. In Denmark, we have examples of players sitting on the bench for 6 months before they gather enough courage to join. And it’s ok. You are part of the team if you want to, and you can easily wear the team jersey sitting on the bench. 

In HappyLeague, we see our players and teams as stars of the handball game. Each team has a strong local affiliation and most often a cool team name. Players are dressed in proper team uniforms usually sponsored by local businesses – and sporting a professional team logo. But even if the players act as international sports stars… we don’t care who wins. We play to be together – and to be happy.

Also, HappyLeague is much more than handball. It is a community of positive thinking and togetherness. Even the families play an important part in our league. As supporters, fans and members of the HappyLeague Community. HappyLeague is offering the feeling of team-spirit to children and youngsters who are most often excluded from being on the team.

Call for International HappyLeague Teams

On the basis of our huge succes in Denmark, we are seeking international playpals. We want the feeling of handball happiness to spread across the globe. If you want to join our (for now) informal international league, you are now able to register you HappyLeague Team with us. Please refer to the the Q&A section below before registering your team. 

    Qustions & Answers
    What happens when I register?

    Your team becomes part of the International HappyLeague Community. It is all very informal for now. But hopefully we will be able to arrange international tournaments. We will also offer your team an international friendship team.

    Who is behind LykkeLiga / HappyLeague?

    LykkeLiga is an independent self-owned institution location in Aalborg Denmark. Among the founders is former national team player Rikke Nielsen.

    What is the cost of registering my team?

    As for now, LykkeLiga / HappyLeague is all free. We just want to spread happiness through handball.

    Are there any upcoming tournaments?

    We are working on our first international tournaments. We will let you know as soon as there is any news.

    Can I get help starting a team?

    Yes – we will happily help you with inspiration and ideas. Just register above – and we will get back to you.

    Can I register a team even if I have no players yet?

    You should try and recruit players before registering. That being said – you are welcome to register your empty team if you need help.